Where We Are Now

An update from the trenches. Magnolia Films, on screening the rough cut/assembly, decided they do not want to distribute the film. They will not provide more funding. They canceled their distribution deal and the distribution rights revert to me.

BBC Storyville, which also provided funding, though far less than Magnolia, screened the same cut and liked it. However, their series, the Dark Side of the Internet, for which the film was intended, concluded its run. The new head of BBC4 which oversees Storyville is not interested in airing any more programs regarding the Internet.

Storyville will not provide more funding. They did refer us to two other BBC4 programs: NewsNight and Panorama and I will introduce the film to those divisions shortly.

We sent the cut to Al Jazeera America and last week they called to say they like it. While AJA has very little viewership they do have resources. I am hoping their interest leads to an offer for U.S. TV rights in the coming weeks. Independent Lens/PBS also has the cut and I am supposed to hear from them shortly. I also plan to show the cut to HBO, CBS Films and CNN.

The good thing is there is a cut, the subject is ever so timely, and people seem to like it. We struggle to finish the film. We will finish the film.