First Film Festival Invite

This morning I received an astonishingly great email response to our Kickstarter site from Gary Meyer who is Co-Director of The Telluride Film Festival. He asked that we consider screening the finished film at Telluride’s September 2013 festival! This is a very prestigious film festival that attracts the best, highest quality films and is a great buzz-maker.

I’ve never been to Telluride before. What a great way to start.

Now we just need to get this project fully funded. That means getting yourself to the Kickstarter site. Here.

Launched Kickstarter Today

We pushed the green button a few hours ago. Now anyone, anywhere can join us on this journey through cyberspace. And see a tangible result: a feature-length documentary film about threats to the Internet.

Already 3 pledges in — $150. A great beginning. Thank you to our pledgers.

Click on the “burning world” to see a three-minute sample and make your pledge. At a minimum get the finished film on DVD for just ten bucks! Or, if you’re a big shot, become a producer!

Take 2

On further review Walker and I decided today to re-shoot the end of our Kickstarter video. Once we set our high-end digital image recorder on our high-end tripod (see image below) we were all set. We think we got what we needed this time. There were a bunch of takes where we giggled uncontrollably. But that was fun, too. You can see the results tomorrow. When we go live on Kickstarter.


DIY Tripod in Home Office

Champage corks

Happy to launch our new website for the film. Thanks go to Walker for all his back-office work that got us to this point.

We’ll be updating regularly with pre-production news. Once production gets underway find lots of details here about the rough-and-tumble of documentary film production. Plus production stills. And who knows… maybe some other surprises.

We’ll be launching a Kickstarter page shortly so you can pitch in and get involved. Check back here soon for that link.