Filming in Tunisia and the SF Bay Area

Charles traveled to the Circumvention Tech Summit in Tunis, Tunisia, Nov. 26-28 for a “…dialog between internet freedom developers, community activists, and individuals interested in improving the tools and training available for circumventing internet censorship and surveillance,” as conference organizers OpenITP describe it. Participants included tech-activists from Syria where using encryption and circumvention technologies can mean the difference between life and death. In Tunis Charles met key people and did some initial filming. Plans are underway for a return trip to the region at a later date.

Immediately on Charles’ return, with able assistance from Walker (co-producer), Joan Churchill (cinematographer) and Alan Barker (sound recordist) we spent two days filming in the Bay Area: at Stanford University where Morgan Marquis-Boire and Bill Marczak presented a talk, “Cash Rules Everything Around Me: The Commercialization of Online Spying”; at the Electronic Frontier Foundation with Eva Galperin, International Freedom of Expression Coordinator; and with Bill Marczak, computer forensics analyst and co-founder of Bahrain Watch, as he began analyzing new malware targetting journalists and activists in Bahrain.

Here’s a piece about Morgan and Bill’s work from the New York Times. And a great overview of this direction in our filming, in BloombergBusinessweek.

All-in-all this is an exciting new thrust for the film. More later.