Film and Real Life

Our documentary, like most, has a mind of its own. Especially since the topic is Internet security and surveillance. Real life has a way of making the rules.

We cannot reveal some new producing hurdles which are giving us heartburn, under our attorney’s advice. Some day, all will be revealed.

On a more positive note, Zero Day will be the first documentary film to put human faces on the consequences of online state-sponsored surveillance.

We just returned from Europe filming with someone we have been trying to reach for nearly a year — thanks to frequent flyer miles and hosting by our gracious extended family. This person is giving us his amazing, heart-breaking and courageous story, which is still unfolding as we write this.

We cannot post sample film clips, as some have requested, due to the unpredictable nature of how online material gets circulated. Especially for an unfinished film with extraordinary sensitivities. Likewise, distributors hate it when footage leaks out before a release.

Thanks to all our friends and supporters for their continued patience and understanding. Finishing a film is always hard. No dates yet. The film will be delivered.