Distribution US and Worldwide

Good news flew in yesterday from Magnolia Pictures — Mark Cuban’s film distribution company — in the form of an offer! Magnolia is ready to commit to distribute the film in the U.S. and to also help generate foreign pre-sales. This is significant because it means the film will be sure to get marketed and seen — and that’s what it’s all about.

(And their documentary Marley is out now. What could be better than that?)

Magnolia’s acquisitions staff made reference to Cuban during our preliminary talks. “He really, really wants to do this. And we rarely get involved this early. He’s excited!”

Plus Magnolia likes to partner with BBC Storyvile. And since that deal is already in place, everyone’s happy.

It all began when I pitched Cuban directly by e-mail. I had heard he likes to deal directly and somehow was able to find his email address. He and I went back-and-forth by email for a week or so starting last November. His first reply to my pitch: “What is your budget?” And so it went from there.

Now it’s a matter of due diligence and a few negotiating points. This is all good. The way forward opens up into full-strength production.